Prince Harry bites the dust: loses the case regarding security

Prince Harry has lost a lawsuit against the British government over his security. Harry brought the case because he felt he had received “unlawful and unfair treatment” by having his security detail terminated. The BBC reported this.

Since Prince Harry stepped down from the royal family and moved to the United States, his police protection in the United Kingdom has ended.


Now when Harry comes to the UK, he will not automatically have the same level of security as he had when he was a working member of the British royal family. The Home Office previously said Harry’s safety was being determined on a case-by-case basis.


Harry’s lawyers said there was injustice in the way this decision was made. So Harry filed a lawsuit. “The UK is my home and the center of my children’s heritage. This should not happen if they cannot be kept safe,” he said in December.

The court concluded in its ruling that there was no violation of the law in making the decision to reduce Harry’s security.

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