Problems with Boeing 777 Again: An emergency landing …

A Russian Airlines Boeing 777 plane had to make an emergency landing in Moscow (main photo)
Photo: via Reuters

A Russian Airlines Boeing 777 had an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday morning due to engine problems. The emergency landing comes less than a week after the same American Airlines plane over Denver lost parts of its engine after it caught fire.

An employee at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport said the Russian Airlines flight was carrying a cargo from Hong Kong to Madrid. Boeing and Russian Airlines were not immediately available for comment.

The Russian Interfax news agency reported that the cabin crew requested an emergency landing after the left engine was treated. There were no casualties in the emergency landing.

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The type of engine used by Russian Airlines – Boeing is not yet known. The accident in the US was with a Boeing 777 with a PW4077 engine from manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. An initial inspection of the parts that split from Boeing’s engine revealed a crack that had grown over time. As a result of the accident, all Boeing 777s with the related engine are currently on the ground.

The Longtail Aviation 747-400, parts of which malfunctioned over Maastricht on Saturday, also has a Pratt & Whitney engine.

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