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On Friday, September 8th, starting at 8 pm, Leila Brothers – Saeed Rostay, Iran, 2022, 160′.

Unmarried, 40-year-old Leila shares an apartment in Tehran with her parents and siblings. She is the main breadwinner in a family suffering from tradition and economic hardship. Layla refuses to accept the situation. She talks endlessly with her brothers, and none of them seem to move. She doesn’t spare her conservative parents either. She may be ruthless, but she is right. And thanks to the brilliant performance of actress Taraneh Alidoosti, she was able to easily win the viewer to her side.

The movie “Laila’s Brothers” was banned in his country last year. An Iranian woman stands up for herself and is far superior to the men around her in intelligence. By the way, it is amazingly clever how director Said Rostay managed to evoke sympathy for the brothers. They too are victims of circumstance. The film, despite its nearly three-hour length, passes like a whirlwind.

Saturday September 9th at 8:00pm, Tuesday afternoon (1:30pm) and September 12th evening (8:00pm) Empire of Light – Sam Mendes, UK/US, 2022, 115′. . On the evening of Tuesday, September 12th, there is a so-called Friends Performance and admission is free for friends.

This warm-hearted film is about two strangers who find each other in a run-down cinema on the English south coast. You can quickly see from Hilary that she is unhappy. While her colleagues at the cinema joked with each other, she stared ahead gloomily. When the few visitors leave the cinema, she moves between the seats to collect the rubbish.

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That changes when a younger Stephen comes to work in the cinema. Stephen is still at the beginning of it all and dreams of a career as an architect, which has an infectious effect on Hillary. He is just as strange. As a black boy, it is not easy for him to live in a society that is not devoid of racism. The two find comfort in each other.

Entrance fee for movies is €8.50 (free for friends). Bring proof of purchase, digital or paper, and the code on it will be scanned. Tickets are sold in advance via the website, where you will also find information about other films on the programme.

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