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After the historic decision of the US Supreme Court to repeal a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, people took to the streets in New York, among other places, to protest. Near Washington Square Park, in Manhattan, at least 1,000 protesters gathered, and the crowd quickly grew. Procedures are also planned elsewhere in the United States.

Protesters in New York carried banners reading “A rapist has more rights than me” and chanted “Abortion is a human right.” Several women’s rights organizations have called for the protest in New York. Demonstrations are also taking place in the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, and in Miami, Florida.

Protests in the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. (24/6/2022) © Reuters

US Supreme Court On Friday, women’s constitutional right to abortion was violated† The conservative majority court cleared the way for the 50 states to decide for themselves whether abortion was permitted.

A number of conservative states, including Missouri, South Dakota and Indiana, have already announced that they will cancel it. About half of the states are expected to pass legislation that limits the right to abortion in some way.

Protests in Miami, Florida.  (24/6/2022)

Protests in Miami, Florida. (24/6/2022) © Getty Images

Governors of some liberal states have announced that they want to protect abortion rights. In Sacramento, the state capital of California, Governor Gavin Newsom already signed a new law Friday that protects California abortion providers from civil court rulings in other states. The governor’s office said it was “one of more than a dozen abortion-related laws to be enacted in the near future.”

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