Putin: “Russia will intensify its attacks in Ukraine after Belgorod” | outside

to updateRussia will intensify its attacks on military targets in Ukraine in response to the Ukrainian army’s bombing of the Russian city of Belgorod last weekend. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. On New Year’s Eve, a record number of 90 drones bombed Ukraine.

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Local Ukrainian authorities reported that several cities in Ukraine were rocked by Russian attacks shortly after midnight. The cities of Mykolaiv, Dnipro and Odessa, among others, are said to have been affected. The region’s governor stated that the city of Lviv in western Ukraine was also attacked by a drone during New Year’s Eve. It is not yet clear whether there are any casualties.

A woman walks past glass and debris in the street after an overnight attack in Donetsk. © Reuters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on his compatriots in a New Year’s message shortly before midnight that 2024 would be the year in which Ukraine takes revenge on Russian forces that invaded the country. Zelensky said he would “destroy” Russian forces.

“Next year the enemy will suffer destruction,” Zelensky said, stressing that Ukraine will have one million drones by 2024, in addition to F-16 fighter jets provided by its Western partners. Our pilots have already mastered the F-16 and we are sure to see them soon in our airspace. The President of Ukraine said: “Our enemies will see how angry we will be.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last week during a visit to the front lines.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last week during a visit to the front lines. © Pictures News

Zelensky also urged his Western allies to shore up their support as conflict fatigue grows. Despite billions in support from the West, Ukraine has failed to make significant progress in its counteroffensive against the Russians.

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Meanwhile, Moscow increased pressure on the front lines. Putin stated in his New Year message that his country “will never surrender.” During a visit to a military hospital on New Year’s Day, Putin reiterated that Russia “will increase its attacks on military targets in Ukraine.”

The Russian President said that any crime against civilians will not go unpunished. “And as I’m sure you noticed, the attacks were carried out literally the next day. Today, as far as I know, new operations are being carried out and we will do it tomorrow too,” Putin told the injured soldiers.

Damaged university building in Lviv.
Damaged university building in Lviv. © via Reuters

Attacks also on New Year’s Day

The Russian army also attacks the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, with drones on New Year’s Day. Ukrainian media reported this. Residents were called Monday afternoon to go to shelters. Explosions were heard shortly afterwards.

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Destruction in Donetsk.
Destruction in Donetsk. © Reuters

Damaged building in Odessa.
Damaged building in Odessa. © via Reuters

Firefighters work at the destroyed museum in Lviv.
Firefighters work at the destroyed museum in Lviv. © Reuters

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