Big buttocks are good for your health, according to science

We already know that there is nothing wrong with having toned buttocks. We also now know that there is nothing wrong with having amazing buttocks. In fact, women who experience disproportionate delays are healthier. This is clear from a study conducted by Oxford University.

1,600 pairs of buttocks were examined for the study. What does it look like? Women with full buttocks seem to resist more diseases and viruses than women with thin buttocks.

“We already knew that good fat distribution is important for your health,” said lead researcher Konstantinos Manolopoulos. “But the relationship between fat around the hips, hip circumference and susceptibility to disease is new.” Watchman.

Less hungry

“Our research shows that women with larger buttocks have lower levels of glucose and cholesterol, when in fact they have more omega-3 fats. A perfect combination.” In addition, women with larger buttocks have more hormones that fight hunger.

Of course, it is not the case that obese people who also have a large back bumper are immediately healthy. After all, being overweight is associated with all kinds of health risks. But looking right back: Don’t be shy. On the contrary, proudly show how healthy you are.

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