Qatargate – Regrettante Panzeri states the amounts

Pierre Antonio Panzeri (67) admitted that he had obtained – together with Francesco Giorgi – no less than 2.6 million euros from the three countries mentioned: Morocco, Qatar and Mauritania.

Pierre Antonio Panziri, 67, has pledged to confess everything he knows about the corruption case in the European Parliament in return for a limited sentence. Le Soir, Knack and La Repubblica were able to obtain reports of witness questioning of the unfortunate worker Panzeri. Panziri brings incriminating information and states the sums that were to be received.

In his last interrogations, Panziri admitted that – together with the person who appears to be his right-hand man, Francesco Giorgi – he had received no less than 2.6 million euros from the three countries mentioned: Morocco, Qatar and Mauritania. The vast majority of this money was paid in cash. And part of this amount was distributed to deputies and parliamentary assistants between 2018 and 2022, according to the unfortunate.

According to him, Qatar was the largest “customer” of the organization, which he said he leads. Morocco was to transfer at least 180,000 euros in cash (plus gifts and travel) and Mauritania 200,000 euros to the “partners” Panziri Giorgi.

Panziri brings serious accusations against the Belgian Marc Tarabella, who had already “accused” him during his first interrogation after his arrest. According to Le Soir, Tarabella should have received a total of €250,000 by the end of the legislature, in 2024. But it’s also not a bid for MEPs Andrea Cozzolino, Eva Kayley and Lara Comi. The name of the latter, a member of the European Parliament for the Italian party Forza Italia, appears for the first time in this file. She was not elected in 2019, but replaced Silvio Berlusconi in November 2022. She denied all allegations.

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Confessions should be read with caution. It may interfere with the new investigative work and cross-examination of the other accused. It may even contradict new statements made by Panziri during subsequent interrogations. Lawyers for Eva Kylie and Mark Tarabella have already demanded a confrontation between their clients and the penitents.

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