Queen Elizabeth’s health concerns

At the beginning of the week, 95-year-old Elizabeth appeared at a reception for foreign investors at Windsor Castle. How is Queen Elizabeth now? Jeroen Snell asks our reporter Leah van Bechoeven and also discusses with her the week of the other British royals.

Shine in style
Not a day goes by without a pearl necklace and earrings. Queen Elizabeth is really fond of this jewellery. Jewelry historian Martin Ackermann dives into The Queen’s British Jewelery Box for Us and displays, among other things, her favorite wreaths.

Fashion designer Matisse van Bergen, known for his costumes for Queen Maxima, takes a look at the outfits of the British royal family with us. It shows that they have their own style.

Beatrix in the photo
When you are the head of state for a long time, a recognizable image appears. Such is the case with former Queen Beatrix’s haircut and outfit. The exhibition “Beatrix in the picture” can now be viewed at the Stedelijk Museum Vianen. Blue Bloods went to search!

You can catch this and more royal news inside and out on Saturday, October 23 at 7:50 p.m. on NPO 2.

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