Rector of Notre Dame warns of victim mentality

Oliver Ribadeo DumasThe dean of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris said on French radio this week France information The Church is suffering from an identity crisis. We cannot ignore the decrease in the number of believers in churches.

However, there are still plenty of important signs showing that Christianity is still very much alive.

The crisis is mainly in rural areas. Churches in cities are better filled with believers. Faith continues to attract young people. We noticed this recently at the World Youth Days in Lisbon, where there was a new generation of young believers.

In a radio conversation, the dean of Notre Dame warned against a victim mentality, especially among Christian youth. Today’s young believers are growing up in a secular society that no longer shares gospel values. There is a risk that people will feel victimized and therefore want to show themselves more. These young people threaten to see themselves as victims because they are not understood and because the laws being passed do not correspond to the way they want to live. We must make sure that we stay connected to the world around us. God loves this world.

source: France information

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