Research shows that Smartwatch is a hotbed for bacteria

An Apple Watch or Fitbit might make you more aware of your health, but they’re really new wearable no. New research shows that smartwatches are full of bacteria that can be dangerous in some cases.

It’s a bit of a paradox: Watches that are supposed to provide health benefits turn out to be full of potentially dangerous bacteria. This is according to new research from Florida Atlantic University.

smartwatch collected wristbands

The university investigated the number of bacteria found in various smartwatch bracelets, which, unlike regular watches, are also worn during exercise and often at night. It turns out to be a hotspot for bacteria.

The bracelets were collected from twenty test subjects with backgrounds ranging from a firefighter to a veterinarian and from an office worker to a gym visitor.

Found in more than half of the bracelets, E. coli is a bacteria that can cause stomach, intestinal and urinary tract problems. Put a file researchers The caveat is that a quarter of these cases could also be related to the profession, such as a veterinarian. Almost all of the samples contained Staphylococcus spp, although the researchers expected this beforehand. Skin bacteria can cause some skin infections.

serious infections

In a third of cases, pseudomonas bacteria are found, which are resistant to antibiotics and can cause serious infections. In particular, the researchers write that the latter and E. coli can actually have an impact on public health in low numbers.

The smartwatch’s material determines whether bacteria can accumulate. Nylon and silicone straps in particular are potential bacteria breeders. Metal strips attract little or no bacteria.

Then the main question: how could these tapes be so dirty? According to the researchers, the answer is simple: They don’t get cleaned enough. And they say that’s all the more reason for regular and thorough cleaning, especially for people who work in healthcare and work with patients with low resistance.

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