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The four branches operate very locally and have a common goal of making young people more aware of a healthy lifestyle.

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Wendy Smits: “Samen RKC and Jumbo pay a lot of attention to the younger generation. This is why we will work together to make children more aware of a healthy diet and lifestyle. A good example of this is the Points for Health project, which Jumbo has also been a partner in it since this year. We warmly welcome Jumbo, especially Jeroen Allard, Daryl Waters, Robin Mostert and Robert Lieberecht! ”


Nowadays, Jumbo is an indispensable part of the street scene, in 2021 the centenary of the family business will be celebrated. Jumbo operates from the idea that today’s customers want good food, believe health is important, and they want to be able to choose easily and consciously. So at Jumbo, we provide delicious and healthy food for everyone. We are always and everywhere where the customer is, and in this case also in elementary schools.

Points for health

Assessment for Health is a lifestyle program, especially for elementary school students from the Langstraat region. The program, developed by Stichting Samen RKC, encourages children to make positive change in relation to their lifestyle. Awareness (also between parents), exercise, nutrition, and fun are the key concepts.

During the 12-week program, the focus is on healthy, goal-oriented eating, less sitting, and more exercise and exercise. Children are informed about healthy food choices in an accessible way. With tasks to perform in their own environment, we are also creating engagement with parents / caregivers. This way, there is a good chance that the changes will last longer.

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In the coming period, a total of 602 students distributed in 27 primary schools will participate in the health assessment program in the municipalities of Waalwijk and Heusden.

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