These are the best apps for you and your cat

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Maybe your mobile phone is full of interesting applications that you use every day. But have you allowed your feline friend to enjoy the wonderful technological world we live in? Let your digital cat enjoy the world of the internet with the following apps designed for four-legged friends.

1. Talk to your cat

If you’ve been wondering what that really means when your cat meow, this is your perfect opportunity. MeowTalk turns meows into understandable English phrases or words. This way you will never get your hands in her hair again when your cat is giving incomprehensible signals again. For example, when your feline friend wants to go outside, these specific meowing sounds can be recorded via the app. The application is used Machine learning To transform meow into an understandable human language. It can be downloaded to the App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Photo shoot

You might recognize it: You want to photograph the gentle pose for your cat, but it looks as if the animal is ruining the consciousness of the photo shoot. No picture the way you want it. “KittyCam” solves this problem. With this app, you can play fun sounds that will grab your cat’s attention. This way, you can quickly take a photo when your cat is in the desired position.

3. Hunting instinct

Cats are real hunters. With the “Lonely Cat Toy” app they will have a great time. Leave your pet alone with an iPad or iPhone, launch the app and it will try to catch butterflies, fish, mice and birds. Make sure you have a good screen protector, as cat’s nails are guaranteed to scratch your screen.

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4. The top level

You might have been addicted to games like Mario on Nintendo in the past. Cats seem not to be averse to such species Toys. Fat Cat Ninja lets your cat hunt a bird or a laser beam. If you understand it correctly, you can Hairy friend To the next level. As a “cat owner” there has to be a sense of pride, right?

5. Cat Tinder

You don’t have a cat, but would you like to adopt one? Then Tinder for Cats is the perfect choice for you. The app guarantees that you have a match with your mystic dream friend. The app is called “Catinder” and it actually works the same way as Tinder that you might already know. You are swipet The cats are on the right if you don’t like the animal and to the left if you want to go on a date with him. Do you believe in love at first sight?

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