Samsung Galaxy S22 gets a better camera thanks to the update

Samsung comes with the third software update in one month: Galaxy S22 series With an update, among other things, it brings improvements to the camera. The update is 635MB in size, Bluetooth and touch screen technology are also improved.

Update for Samsung Galaxy S22

on Change From Samsung you can read exactly what to expect. This makes it easy to shoot videos in low light conditions. The image will be brighter and clearer. This applies to all devices within the Galaxy S22 line. The touch screen is also improved, which is mainly reflected in the speed and smoothness with which the touch screen responds to your finger. Bluetooth is also improved, which makes the connection more stable so you can use your wireless devices better. For example, consider earplugs.

Currently, the Update It will only be released in South Korea, but it will likely roll out to other regions soon. Relates to firmware version S90 * NKSS1AVDC. It may seem annoying, every time it is updated, but it makes the experience of using your Samsung smartphone much better. For example, thanks to updates, the battery life has become longer, the overall performance of the device has improved and everything has become much smoother.


It’s not that the Samsung Galaxy S22 is not working properly and the device is in dire need of updates, but it’s a good thing that Samsung is very active in this matter. After all, this way you ensure that your phone is as up-to-date as possible and that it’s good for security, but also often with software updates to power the device. It’s very nice to be able to make better videos at twilight, although it’s better that the touchscreen is now a little more responsive.

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Want to see if you can actually download the update manually? To do this, go to Settings and then Software Update. However, it may take some time.

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