Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been criticized …

US Senator Ted Cruz (50 years) is exposed to gunfire because he fled from Texas “to which he belongs” during the state of emergency. While millions of Texans were left without electricity due to the harsh winter weather, Cruz took his family to a luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico. “The politician cannot become less sensitive than this.”

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Hundreds of thousands of families Massive blackouts remain without power, hospitals are running short of water and FEMA is being called in to send emergency generators, diesel, water, and blankets to the state. In several places, residents have begun to look for deciduous trees so that they can burn them so they can warm themselves a little. So the situation in Texas is critical: The state has been experiencing extreme winter weather for days and facing the lowest temperatures in more than thirty years.

And just as much of Texas suffers from the cold, Republican Ted Cruz – who represents the United States in the Senate – decided to book a trip to the sun. On Wednesday afternoon, he left with his wife Heidi and children for Cancun, Mexico, where the family will spend a few days at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton.

However, photos of the runaway family soon surfaced. Pictures that were not appreciated on social media, nor by his political opponents. “No politician can become less sensitive than this,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, president of the Texas Democrats. “In fact this is not surprising: he is a politician who has never cared about anyone but himself.” Meanwhile, Democrats have called again for the former presidential candidate to resign.

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When faced with criticism, Cruise made the statement that he had traveled alone “to be a good father” and that he would return on Thursday. However, leaked text messages from his wife show that the whole family will definitely stay in Cancun until Sunday. It is currently about 30 degrees warmer than in Cruz’s hometown of Houston. “What is happening in Texas now is unacceptable,” the senator told a television crew at Cancun airport. The fact that he was wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt (and a mouth mask with the Texas flag) was not appreciated at the time.

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Prompted by criticism, Cruz hastily returned to the United States on Thursday. There he admitted, “it is clear that he made a mistake.” Among other things, she said, “I am really starting to have doubts about the flight once I got on the plane.” “The plan – after a difficult week – was to take a break with the family until the end of the week,” he admitted. “All of the parents among us have a responsibility to look after our children, but I also have a responsibility – which I take very seriously – to fight for Texas. As the situation worsens, it becomes increasingly clear that I must be back immediately.”

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