New crater provides additional lava flow at La Palma

A new crater has formed in the volcano on the island of La Palma, according to a report by the Volcanic Institute of the Canary Islands. Lava flows over the island from the southeast corner of the active volcano, its effects and potential damage has yet to be determined. As a precaution, an unknown number of people were evacuated, Spanish media reported.

On Saturday, part of the volcano’s main cone collapsed. The lava flows have become slower and more viscous in recent days. The column of gases and ash reached a height of 2800 meters. The lava now covers nearly 900 hectares of land and has destroyed more than 2,100 buildings, according to data from Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth observation programme.

More than 70 earthquakes hit the island on Sunday. There were also 110 earthquakes on Saturday, including one measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale. This was the strongest earthquake since the beginning of the volcanic eruption. A total of 35.00 shakes have been measured since the beginning of the eruption.

The volcano erupted in Cumbre Vieja Nature Park on September 19, after fifty years of inactivity. The incandescent lava flow and ash rains have since caused extensive damage to buildings, infrastructure and banana plantations. Thousands of people had to leave their homes as a precaution. So far no one has been seriously injured.

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