Several arrests during a raid on an opposition march in Russia: politicians and journalists imprisoned | Abroad

Russian police forces arrested almost all participants in an opposition rally. It concerns about 200 people, according to the Russian Interior Ministry. Among the detainees were opposition politician Vladimir Kara Muerza and activist Alexei Pivovarov. Many of the detainees are being held in prison cars.

The meeting will last for two days and will allow opposition politicians to get to know each other in the run-up to the parliamentary elections scheduled for the fall. Half an hour after the start, the police ended the event.

Among those arrested were prominent politicians and activists such as Vladimir Kara Muerza, Ilya Yashin and Alexei Pivovarov. Many of the detainees are being held in prison cars. Some of them had already announced that they were released after a few hours. After that, Kara Muerza spoke of a “Russian suppression machine” developing a life of her own.

Dozens of people, including journalists covering the event, were temporarily detained in the hotel where the meeting was held.

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Later, the police announced that an organization “undesirable in Russia” was involved in the event. This may be a reference to Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s “Open Russia”. In addition, the festoon rules will not be respected.

Independent media indicate that the event was organized by the so-called United Democrats, who have not been banned.

The ruling United Russia party wants to defend the two-thirds majority in the elections

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