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Health is increasingly becoming a social task for municipalities because facilities are under pressure. Therefore, based on the idea of ​​”Positive Health”, Bernays will work preemptively to strengthen the resilience of its residents. The focus of this is not disease, but a meaningful life in which the residents themselves take charge. As Bernheze, we will make our contribution to this through various policy areas: from an attractive green living environment for sport, leisure and relaxation, to supporting residents in the field of well-being and ability to participate in society.

Positive health in practice
Bernheze also takes responsibility for nature, healthy air, soil and water quality. Health is included in all decision-making processes.

My Positive Health will embrace Bernays and put her on the map. Bernheze works with several partners on this concept. Think, for example, of sports clubs, general practitioners and mental health care working together. This means, for example, no smoking along the sports field, better cycling contacts in sports fields, and sharing good experiences. Invest in sports clubs by always engaging in conversation. Sports clubs and sports federations are of great importance. This is why the Bernese never gives up on a sports club in need. Public health is also of paramount importance in all policy decisions affecting the living environment. Bernheze takes public health seriously in a new environmental law that will be introduced on January 1, 2024. Bernheze continues to offer customized solutions in exercise and sport care.

Jean Princen,
Social Affairs SP Bernheze

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