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Badminton: Kweekel opens the battle for the European title with victory

5.14 pm: Dutch badminton players scored three victories on the first day of the European Championship in Kiev. In the Sports Palace in the Ukrainian capital, there was success for Goran Koekel, my husband Deborah Gill / Alisa Tertusentono and Robin Gill / Tess van der Leek.

The 22-year-old Koekle beat Christian Safin from Moldova after a moderately tough start. He did that with 21-10 and 21-8. On Wednesday, Koekle will play Adi Reiske Deutchayu from Azerbaijan.

Robin Gill and Thess van der Leek qualified in the men’s doubles’ competition for the eighth final, by defeating Thomas Svijda / Jaromir Janacek of the Czech Republic, with a score of 21-9 and 21-11. In the Ladies’ doubles there was a convincing win for Deborah Gill and Alyssa Tertucentono. They were too strong for Natalie Seifertzen / Solvar Flatin Jørgensen from Norway, 21-13 & 21-8.

Iris Tabling lost with her Swiss partner Nadia Fankhauser 21-13, 21-17, to Germany’s eighth-seeded husband, Linda Evler / Isabelle Hartrich.

Tennis: Wimbledon is deposited “Middle Sunday” in 2022

3.49 pm: Wimbledon will be bid farewell to the traditional “Middle Sunday”. The seventh day of the main tournament will not be played unless the schedule is much delayed. Starting in 2022, Wimbledon will have fourteen days instead of thirteen days of matches.

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“This gives us the opportunity to expand our reach at an important time, both in the UK and around the world. It will also make the schedule more equitable,” said Chairman Ian Hewitt. “We can make that decision thanks to improved turf techniques and maintenance. “

Wimbledon, which starts Monday, June 28, also announced that it hopes to receive at least 25 percent of its total visitor capacity. The tournament was canceled last year.

Football: unique to the women’s team at Olympique Lyonnais

1.16 m: Footballers at Olympique Lyon also got a female coach for the first time. The French club, which has dominated European football in recent years, has named Sonya Bombastor. She succeeds Jean-Luc Fasour, who was sent off after the club’s exit from the Champions League quarter-finals.

The 40-year-old Pompastour has played 156 games for the French national team. She is now in charge of the club that has won the French title over the past 14 years and has won the last five editions of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

This season, everything is a little less in Lyon. Paris Saint-Germain besieged the club by eliminating Lyon in the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain also leads the French League. Lyon will miss prolonged injured Norwegian striker Ada Hegerberg this season, the first Ballon d’Or winner in 2018 as the best footballer in the world.

Australian athletes are also given priority when vaccinated

12:18 PM Athletes representing Australia in the Tokyo Olympics will receive priority vaccination. The government announced this on Tuesday. A week and a half ago it was announced that the Australians were considering this and that talks were underway.

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“We want the athletes to go to Tokyo to compete and then safely return to Australia,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

In total, it concerns more than two thousand athletes, coaches and officials who participate in the games or Paralympics. “While vulnerable Australians remain an absolute priority as the vaccine continues to be introduced, the government understands the pressures facing elite athletes as the Tokyo Games approach,” Sports Minister Richard Kulbeck said.

Australia, which usually ranks in the top 10 in the medal standings at games, has taken strict measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Priority was also given to Dutch athletes when vaccinated. The first injection was taken in mid-April.

Cycling: For the first time in a women’s cycling race in Switzerland

12:00 pm The Swiss cycling race also has a women’s version for the first time this year. It comes to a two-day event on June 5 and 6, according to the organization’s reports. Seventeen teams will start, four of them are WorldTour teams.

The first stage is the day before the start of the men’s tour. Then the women take a mountain tour around Frauenfeld. The next day, the riders will complete the tour ten times, with the men opening the Tour de Suisse Sunday 6 June with a one-on-one time trial.

The organization has not yet finalized its 270,000 euros budget, but it is continuing. “The will for a women’s race is already there, but it has not been financially successful for long. Organizing a race for the second stage is a huge logistical and financial challenge,” says organizer Olivier Sen.

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Basketball: Minnesota Timberwolves are very strong again for Utah Jazz in the NBA

07:39 am Utah Jazz basketball players were badly involved against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA. The Western division leader also lost to the Minneapolis team on the Monday after Saturday. D’Angelo Russell dropped the ball into the basket in the final seconds of the match and gave the Timberwolves a slim 105-104 win. And lost Jazz 101-96 on Saturday.

Despite those two losses in a row, there was also good news for Yota Jazz. The team, which leads the Western Conference with 44 wins to 17 defeats, is now sure to play in the playoff matches.

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