Statement: You don’t have your GP anymore? I fear for my health!

There is a risk of a deficiency in GPs. Having a GP is no longer a normal thing, especially in sparsely populated areas. What are the consequences for you? Reply to the statement.

Once: I fear for my health without a regular doctor

Your own doctor is indispensable. He knows how you are and what your medical history is. A doctor can assess when symptoms indicate something serious, or when it will most likely pass in a few days. To do this, the doctor must know you well and know how you react to pain or discomfort. It is important to have a private doctor if you suffer from several diseases. Maintains contact with all emergency personnel. Certainly when you get older and start showing blemishes, you can’t do without your doctor. Finally, the GP in the Netherlands is the “gatekeeper” who decides whether or not you should see a medical professional. If you no longer have your GP, there is a risk of abuse.

No: no need for a regular doctor

The average GP was disappearing for a while. There is not much new under the sun. The GP is no longer available to all patients day and night. Since GP jobs arrive, you usually get a different GP in the evenings and on the weekends. You can also have a swing during the day, which is a good thing. At the same time, GP practices are getting better organized. They work with practice nurses, and they have more time than general nurses. You can also go there for an annual medical check-up, which is a good thing. Thanks to ICT, all GPs are well versed in your profile and history.

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Of course it is annoying that general practitioners leave the profession. But this may require further modernization of the profession and support of the GP. Could the municipality, for example, provide training space? The National Association of General Practitioners has Number of wishes coined† Good if more attention is paid to it.

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