Stella Artois lowers alcohol levels in the UK, to the amazement of beer lovers | Abroad

According to the Belgian liquor manufacturer, the reduction in alcohol percentage is related to the current evolution in “health and wellness trends”. This is a reduction of 0.2 per cent, which has already reduced the alcohol content in the UK to 4.8 per cent. This change only applies to the United Kingdom. With us, the percentage is still 5.2 percent.

However, this decision is somewhat incomprehensible in the United Kingdom. Many beer enthusiasts complain about the “mild and bad” taste of their new lager. Some consider it to contain Govit-19, which is one of the first symptoms of loss of sense of smell and taste.

However, Dorian Nijz of Stella Artois explains that the beer still tastes the same. “It still has the same full flavor, which has been confirmed in rigorous testing by consumers and domestic and outdoor beer experts around the world. The beer is still brewed with the same yeast and hops.”

“We are proud to be able to offer the same Stella Artois flavor that people now know and love, but the alcohol content is 4.6 percent,” Nijz concludes.

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