Steven Spielberg reveals: Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Napoleon’ will be a full series on HBO

Unrealized biographical film adaptation Napoleon It was described by director Stanley Kubrick in the books as “the greatest movie that was never made”. After years of silence over rumors of a movie adaptation, a hopeful message has now surfaced again.

During a Q&A session at the Berlin Film Festival, director Steven Spielberg answers several questions and talks candidly about his latest project, The Fabelmans.

During this session, the director finally revealed that the film was based on him Napoleon Based on the original screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, it is still in development, but not as a movie or miniseries.

Extensive photography
Spielberg says succinctly that there is Napoleon It is being worked on as a seven-part limited series for HBO. With the participation of Stanley Christian Kubrick’s wife and son-in-law Jan Harlan, “large-scale production” of the project is currently being prepared.

Deadline notes that this will still be a project that’s still in the “development” stage, though it doesn’t seem like it will be long before the project gets the green light from HBO. Below are photos from the Berlin Film Festival.

Many rumors
Not surprisingly, Steven Spielberg offered this update. The project has reportedly been in development at HBO for at least ten years, and the director’s name has been attached to the project since the beginning.

Initially, it will be a movie adaptation in the form of a miniseries. In 2016, news came out that Joji Fukanaga (No time to dieAnd real detective) was supposed to direct, but the project has been surrounded by rumors ever since.

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The best movie ever made
Kubrick’s plans for a large-scale biographical film about Napoleon’s life began after the success of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The director researched the historical figure in depth and planning “Best movie ever” To make or to create.

The lead role of Napoleon was supposed to go to David Hemings, but it ultimately went to Jack Nicholson. Actress Audrey Hepburn will play Josephine. The film was to be shot in the United Kingdom and various parts of Europe.

However, due to the recordings’ high costs, the project never materialised. Much of Kubrick’s research was eventually applied to his film Barry Lyndon (1975) Finally, Napoleon’s text appeared on the Internet.

Naturally, no release date has been announced for this project yet. However, director Ridley Scott will soon release his biographical film Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

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