According to weatherman David Dehenau, there will be no cold snap over our country due to the warming of the stratosphere: “There are no indications of” | Weather News

It was reported on Monday that our country may experience a cold snap. The reason for this is a remarkable climatic phenomenon. For example, the stratosphere, one of the upper air layers of the atmosphere, has warmed by at least 70 degrees in the past month. However, our weather scientist David Dehenau explains that we don’t have to fear the sting of winter right now.

look. The cold snap is coming because of the intense warming of the stratosphere?

In about a month’s time, the stratosphere over the North Pole has warmed 70 degrees. The temperature is usually around -80 degrees Celsius, and nowadays it is between -20 and -10 degrees. This phenomenon is called “sudden warming of the stratosphere” or sudden warming of the stratosphere. The vortex over the Arctic, which normally traps cold air, weakens as temperatures rise, allowing icy air to escape and blow south.

For this reason, weather experts fear very cold temperatures in Belgium in the coming weeks. But according to weatherman David Dehenau, that’s likely not the case.

Weather maps show no consequences.

This sudden warming of the stratosphere occurs every two or three winters, which sometimes has consequences for our country. “That was the case in 2018 and 2021,” said the meteorologist. “But right now our weather maps don’t show that.” In the Ardennes, it is typical,” Dehenauw explains.

The weather expert expects that the temperatures will also be normal at the beginning of March. According to Dehenau, there are therefore no indications that a cold wave will pass over our country. “There is a time lag between the onset of a weather phenomenon and its effect on our temperatures. For example, we have to wait two to three weeks before we see the consequences – if any – of sudden stratospheric warming.”

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