Storm. Friday symbol orange possible – roof fire and mud flow in West Flanders, shower moves to center

The thunderstorm that passed over our country on Wednesday night made itself felt mainly in West Flanders, and later today it will be the turn of Central and perhaps East Flanders as well. Also on Friday, you should be careful: The RMI warns of “severe thunderstorms or showers” with the possibility of high winds, and doesn’t even rule out the possibility of code yellow turning to orange.

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Wednesday night and Thursday morning saw thunderstorms mainly in the west of the country, especially along the Kortrijk – Wengen – Ghent line. “We’ve seen massive lightning discharges there,” says Nicholas Rose of Noodweer Benelux. At the moment, a new streak of thunderstorms is forming, coming from France, due to warm temperatures in the center and east of our country. “On the line between cooler weather in the West and warmer weather in the rest of the country, a thunderstorm will form, extending to the center over the next few hours. It may follow in East Flanders next,” Rose says.

Follow the storm on the thunderstorm radar at Noodweer Benelux.

According to RMI, thunderstorms can become severe, especially in the east and southeast, with possible hail and winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. Storms can also cause 10 to 20 liters of precipitation per square metre. Maximum temperatures are around 19 degrees in the sea, 25 degrees in the center, and 28 degrees in Kempen.

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In view of potential flooding, the indoor FPS has temporarily activated 1722. For storm and water damage that requires assistance from the fire brigade, a request can be made via the electronic meter Or call 1722. Call 112 only for potentially life-threatening situations.

Thunderbolt in Desselgem

In West Flemish DecalgemLightning, near Wargame, struck a house Thursday morning. The fire on the roof was quickly put out by firefighters, but the material damage is serious. Also nearby Hueol and gym Several lightning strikes occurred and a mudslide began, but the physical damage there was always limited. The same thing happened in BrakelThe sewers cannot drain a large amount of rainwater in a timely manner.

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friday orange possible icon

Also on Friday you should watch out for thunderstorms for part of the day. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is warning of “severe thunderstorms or rain” with the possibility of strong winds. He doesn’t even rule out changing the size of the existing code from yellow to orange.

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Soon, new showers accompanied by thunderstorms or downpours will arrive in our country from the French border on Friday morning. Locally, there is a chance of strong winds, and a lot of rain can fall. In some areas, during the most intense thunderstorms or showers, more than 40 liters of rain per square meter can fall within an hour, according to the Marshall Islands Institute. If these predictions are confirmed, there is a very real chance that the warning will escalate to orange.


That’s it. What is a heat storm?

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