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‘Race Carrie’ has been released since 2013, and is the second studio album. Stroma† It expanded into the unexpected global success of ‘Allores on Dance’ and even went the extra mile. The hit ‘Papadoy’ has been viewed almost a billion times on YouTube so far, the record being the best-selling album in France for two years in a row and the accompanying tour attracted nearly two million people. Then came that long radio silence.

Strome has now surpassed the dance floor and with his new album ‘Multidute’, he is mainly yearning for the wider world. According to the maestro, “the world is a new pop”. Twelve tracks on the record are intertwined with instruments and sounds imported by Brussels residents from around the world. Then he mixed in so that he could no longer hear where all those noises were coming from. “When I was writing the album, I heard music from somewhere else. Music from Turkey, China, Brazil, everywhere. The world we live in is different and I wanted to reflect that.

For example, in the song ‘Proclamation’, a Surna Can hear (a kind of Turkish flute), ‘La solassitude’ erhu (A Chinese violin) and சரங்கோ (South American stringed instrument) appears in ‘Mauvaise journée’. “For this I asked outstanding musicians from all over the world.” Moreover, he collaborated with the orchestra decision Dirk Pros And this Belgian National Band

Strome opens the album with a fight with the song ‘Invain’. “Don’t queue J Choice N We, J Choice Invine.” He succeeds in coming back. With the exception of a few autobiographical songs, ‘Multidote’ is mainly filled with lines about various characters. Maestro plays the son of a prostitute in ‘Fils de joie’, the unstable man in ‘La solassitude’ and ‘Mon amour’, the depressed and suicidal man in ‘Mauvaise journée’ and the invisible man in our society. ‘Sante’. He seems to like quoting Rimbaud ‘Je est un autre’. That would at least explain the title of the album as ‘Multitude’.

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