The tenth mole has been revealed after an eventful season

After a season in which the original Mol came out, a replacement Mol was announced on Sunday.

Sven Pede from Liedekerke won the 10th season of the TV show “De Mol” on Play4. The 30-year-old copywriter revealed Kortrijk Uma Vandemaele and set off with the group venue, for €26,390.

Account manager Jens Whitbrook is the losing finalist and left empty-handed.

The final was played live for the first time and broadcast from Paleis 12 in Brussels.

In the final, all three candidates had to perform work in front of 10,000 spectators as a test. Then they had to complete five more questions from the Elimination Test, and Sven scored better than Yen and won.

Mental health and other setbacks

In the tenth season of “De Mol”, the nominees went to the Canary Islands. Exceptionally, eleven candidates started the season. Jens Zutterman, who was not allowed to travel in Season 9, is caught again.
The season was marked by many setbacks. Original spoiler Philip Mingot exits the show in Episode 4. His mental health suffered severely under the pressure of the mole. In Episode 3, candidate Neil Boyce had already given up due to a cramp. Anke Van Os finally had to give up in Episode VI after she broke her elbow while bungee jumping.
Play4 has made a new call for candidates for a new post-final season.

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