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You can go every day Scientias For the latest news in science, technology and sustainability. We also regularly publish interviews with leading scientists, explaining the news or explaining their recent discovery.

We have a clear goal in mind: to inspire as many people as possible with what is going on in the fields of science, technology and sustainability. This is why we consciously choose to give all content for free. But running a free news site isn’t cheap, of course. That is why we appeal to you, our loyal visitor, every three months. Be the hero of the scholars!

How it works?
It simply works. You support us one time with € 25 and then get four free science ebooks (one every quarter) from Maven Publishing next year. Note: You’re really not committed to anything with Scientias HERO. It is not a subscription. You pay € 25 once and after twelve months, we will send you an email to remind you that the year is over and that you can optionally become Scientia Hero again for another year.

Hundreds of HEROs have preceded you, having received the best books such as “Big History”, “Life Makers” and “I’m Going to Mars and Taking with Me” in their mailbox in recent years. Are you also a participant? Then register directly below. You will receive the e-book “Bite, Swallow, Gone” next week!

About “Hap, swallow, go”
Every day we eat a lot – often without thinking. It’s really a shame, because our digestive system deserves a pause to look at. And Mary Roach loves to do that. With a lot of humor that the author of popular science books describes in it. “Bite, swallow, go“The Wonderful World of Digestion.” In the book, you answer questions like “Can you eat yourself to death?”, “Can we chew the national debt?” And “Can you survive if you eat alive?” Curious? Now and have the book delivered to you in your mailbox on April 6th!

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