Telegram now lets you put emojis on other people’s posts

You can actually put an emoji under someone’s comment just by writing a message yourself, but now you totally can slack And Trello put an emoji on someone’s message. This is useful, because it pins the emoji below that message and it’s clear that you respond with a smile. It is also possible to obfuscate messages using spoilers.

Emoji reactions on Telegram

Adding the comment to each message is a welcome addition to WhatsApp look-a-like, as it eliminates the need to send a new message entirely and allows you to be more specific about the message you’re replying to. In group chats, you can tap an emoji to see how many times it has been selected.

If you just want to reply to a message with “good,” “up,” or “we’ll do,” you can tap on it twice and you’ll get a thumbs up. If you want to choose a different emoji, just tap a message on your Android device once (on iOS, you have to keep it longer).

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Translate messages

Messages from another language can also be translated by cable. You can turn on the translation function via Settings > Language. It is up to you to choose which languages ​​you want to translate or not. To do this, you have to click on a message and choose “Translate”.

The great thing for people who like to talk about movies and series in group conversations, is that you can now also compose blurry messages. You can then warn people about spoilers in your post, and they can choose whether to click on the post to see it in its entirety.

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Create QR Codes

Finally, Telegram writes that you can generate QR codes for all users with a public username. This also works with groups, channels and bots, making it easy to show someone your favorite blog or fan club. Click the new QR code icon next to the person’s username (or on the chat info page), choose the most appropriate colors and style, then print the QR code your own, post it, or share it with other apps.”


Telegram is a cloud-based chat app for mobile and desktop with a focus on security and speed. All messages are encrypted from start to finish.

More information

In short, everything is coming to Telegram at the beginning of the new year. What new position do you like the most? Leave it at the bottom of this article.

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