Your workplace has more impact on your health than you think

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The survey also found that only 19% of those surveyed believe that employers care about the way their employees live. So two-thirds of interviewees indicated that they wanted their employer to spend more time improving employee health and well-being on a weekly basis. 15% want this to happen daily.

70% say that if their employer put more time and energy into it, they would exercise more. For example, employees may want to take advantage of coupons or training schedules.


But the research also shows that the effect goes beyond the position of the big boss. The general work culture and colleagues also influence our way of life. During the study, a third of the participants said they would make healthier decisions if colleagues made similar changes.

The way we work and where we work affects what we eat, how we sleep and exercise. So the workplace must play an important role in helping employees develop healthy habits,” Sami Rubin, CEO of YuLife, told Metro UK.

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