Temporary and one-time premium for those who convert an asbestos roof into a sunroof

Anyone renovating an asbestos roof in a shed or stable this year and replacing it with solar panels can count on a premium. This was announced by Energy Minister Saturn Demir. In this way, it hopes to achieve asbestos-safe and climate-neutral Flanders.

In Flanders there are more than 350 thousand non-residential buildings, such as barns and stables, which contain a lot of asbestos, but many owners are putting off an interesting investment in solar panels because there is a ban on installing solar panels on asbestos roofs. That’s why Flemish Energy Minister Saturn Demir is offering a temporary reward to those who take the initiative this year to clean up their asbestos roof and convert it into a solar roof. “For the health of all Flemish people, asbestos roofs must disappear as quickly as possible. At the same time, we must seize this momentum to maximize investment in renewable energy. With this initiative, we are doing so in a reasonable manner without falling into oversubsidies,” he says. Demir.

23 million euros
Since “asbestos-safe” and “climate-neutral” Flanders presents a major challenge that cannot be postponed, the Flemish government is providing financial support in the form of a temporary allowance. Anyone who takes the initiative before December 31, 2022 to clean up the asbestos roof and convert it into a solar roof can count on a premium of €12/m² if they meet the conditions. A total of 23 million euros has been made available for this purpose. Thus, Flanders is following in the footsteps of the Netherlands in the “asbestos off, sun on” support scheme in several Dutch provinces.

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Less asbestos, more renewable energy
Flemish Minister of Environment and Energy Saturn Demir sees many advantages: “Less asbestos and more renewable energy. Through this initiative we get the best of both worlds. This gives owners the opportunity to make a roof full of environmental benefits without exaggerating the subsidies for the problem roof, if it is made Using the entire budget, we can have an additional surface area of ​​about 2 million square meters of treated asbestos roofs and an additional capacity of about 40 MW from solar panels.Or to put it visually: 300 additional football fields of treated roofs and 30 football fields filled with solar panels I think that’s a powerful dual target for one scale.”

How is the installment applied?
This premium of asbestos and PV for unheated buildings applies only to owners of non-residential unheated buildings who will make their roofs asbestos-free in 2022 and install solar panels before the end of 2024. New solar panels must cover at least 10% of the roof which has been renovated.

The grant application can be submitted to Fluvius from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 at the latest, and a quotation for asbestos removal and asbestos removal and proof of advance payment, both dated 2022, will suffice.

For apartment owners, there was already a one-time investment premium of up to 1,500 euros for new solar panel installations and an asbestos removal premium.

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