Ten PS2 titles that look better than the fall of Babylon

“Okay, see you later on MSN! Notify me when you’re online on your PlayStation!” The year is 2004 and you’re hurrying home by bike to power up your PlayStation 2 and put the latest game in your DVD drive: Babylon’s Fall. Three or four connection issues later, you can finally start online with your friends. The game mostly looks fine on your CRT TV and every level is the same, but it doesn’t matter: you cut all the scum from the underworld into the pan with your buddies. and you are happy. Suddenly everything becomes black.

vivid nightmare

You open your eyes. The same game, with the same graphics and gameplay, is played on a 55 inch LED TV. Your childhood friends have been traded for strangers named Xoryves and Madbabel. Your eyes hurt from all the ugliness and you look dazed again in the TV cabinet: there’s already a PlayStation 5 inside. Check the date on your smartphone: It’s March 3, 2022. Check your agenda: The “Babylon Autumn Release Date” is indicated with an excited smiling face.

History will be with you forever. Shaded day in gaming history. March 3, 2022: The Day Square Enix manages to release the ugliest game yet on PlayStation 5 with Babylon’s Fall. God knows why, when they saw the first images (the gameplay), the developer Platinum Games didn’t whistle and the graphic designer sold the bat. It should be clear: The fall of Babylon is a graphic brutality. And that got us editors thinking: There must be better PlayStation 2 games than this one. We put our heads together and simply came up with the following list (in no particular order):

10 PS2 titles that look better than the fall of Babylon

  1. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
  2. black
  3. Burnout 3: Termination
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Silent Hill 3
  6. Rogue Galaxy
  7. okami
  8. dark cloud 2
  9. shadow of the Colossus
  10. Dragon Quest VIII

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