Texas Wants to Deploy Specially Trained Agents for “Illegal Immigrant Interdiction Hotspots” | outside

Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, announced a further strengthening of military borders against illegal immigrants in his state. The announcement comes shortly before the expiry of the Expedited Removal Act, which was introduced under former President Donald Trump’s administration.

At a news conference in Austin, Abbott announced that the new Texas Border Tactical unit would deploy specially trained soldiers to “hot spots” along the border to “intercept, reject, and turn back immigrants attempting to enter Texas illegally.”

The reason for the deployment of the new forces is the end of the “Heading 42” base. It was introduced at Trump’s time and has made it possible to promptly turn back most migrants who enter the country illegally at the border with Mexico.

The US government expects the already strained relationship with South America to worsen as more people want to come to the US. Therefore, Washington announced large-scale measures, such as the deployment of additional soldiers to the border, the outsourcing of the initial registration of asylum seekers in Colombia and Guatemala and the reintroduction of the Title 8 rule, which provides for a five-year ban on return in the case of illegal immigration.

However, conservative politicians accuse Democratic President Joe Biden of being too soft on border security in an effort to score points with voters. His government has repeatedly warned people not to cross the border illegally. “The borders are not open, they have not been opened, and they will not be opened after May 11,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Friday.

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