The 53rd Science and Technology Fair kicks off with more than 900 jobs

  • Nearly 30,000 students participate at the elementary, primary, secondary, and university levels from all over Córdoba.
  • The work will be evaluated in the coming weeks, and the chosen ones will participate in the provincial council, which will be held next November.

bit 30 thousand students When accessing more than 900 jobsThe sound debut of the science and technology fair has begun. This is version 53 and will be almost fully developed by 2020.

They are part of this traditional grouping, students at first, primary, secondary and university level; For all teaching methods and with the participation of schools, colleges and institutes for all the geography of Cordoba.

by 350 . Comments They are responsible for selecting the companies in each location that will participate in the boycott event starting November 1.

In this way, students from all over the province will report on the development and results of their work for 15 days.

Objectives and areas of expertise

The Fair has specific and critical objectives when it comes to creating an invitation to innovation, science, research and development. For example, the Ministries of Science, Technology and Education in Córdoba are trying to create a stimulating environment for the improvement and improvement of scientific and technological knowledge in schools, and to facilitate the development of capabilities and opportunities in these areas of knowledge.

To achieve these goals, projects are framed in the following knowledge areas:

• Science
• Social and Human Sciences
• Language and Literature
• Thing
• Environmental Education
• Technical Education
• computer programming
• Robotics
• Leading companies
• Moral and Social Education
• physical education
• Technical languages

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Follow the entire Science and Technology Fair 2021 by participating she has

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