The body of a missing man has been found in the freezer after nearly ten years

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British construction workers have found the body of a man missing since 2012 while working in London. The body was found in a refrigerator in an abandoned bar in the east of the city. Investigators are now calling on anyone who knows the man to come forward.

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In 2012, Roy Brigg, a Briton born in 1944, was reported missing. Nearly a decade later, in October last year, his body was found in a freezer at the former Simpson wine bar in East London. It was construction workers working on the site who made the discovery. Police Inspector Kelly Allen said the body had been in the freezer for “a number of years”.

Five months after the discovery, investigators are now making a call. Anyone who knows Roy Brigg is asked to report it to the police. “By talking to people who knew him, not only can we determine his lifestyle and habits, but we might also be able to tell where and when he was last seen. Did you know him? Then please sign up. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a long time since I’ve known him.” Or if you only knew him for a short time… Any information might be of use to our investigation.”

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