The British government wants immigrants on old ferries or distant islands …

The UK government plans to use the decommissioned ferries as shelters for asylum seekers. The newspaper cited the possibility of accommodating migrants there until their asylum status is cleared times.

This is one of the most likely options being discussed by the UK government. The Interior Ministry initially declined to comment on the plans.

The government wants to discourage migrants from coming to the UK and is discussing deterrence measures. In recent months, thousands of immigrants from France often came in rickety boats across the Channel to Great Britain.

London has already announced several times that it wants to take action against this. Home Secretary Priti Patel has even talked about the use of warships. On the other hand, aid organizations are calling for safe and legal ways of arrival for migrants.

timesShe, in addition to other British media, is now reporting abandoned oil platforms or remote islands in the South Atlantic as potential centers for refugee reception. According to a recent survey by YouGov polling station, 40 percent of Britons can be found housing asylum seekers thousands of miles away on the Atlantic island of Ascension. Labor MP Nick Thomas Symonds criticized on Twitter the “ inhuman culture ” created by the Home Office.

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