The College of Mathematics and Natural Sciences launches a podcast series titled Science at Ease

Ignas Snellen talks about extraterrestrial life.© Archive photos of Charlotte Lemmens

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Podcast lovers about Leiden science have a new one: “Science Made Easy” from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Leiden University.

Leidenians love to create podcasts and lots of them. A clear overview of it no longer exists. Leiden University maintains its own website Add a page which lists twelve, including Science at Your Fingertips, but is the best podcast at the moment, Hornet Radio Live, not included. Especially duck in sting “Leiden note”a podcast series, solely about Supreme Court rulings “in the field of civil procedure law”.

Written by former Leidsch Dagblad correspondent Inge van Dijck, Jordy Janssen and Didi Spanje, Science at Ease has published three episodes so far. They are about the use and disadvantages of mosquitoes and the advantages and disadvantages of smart devices. The latest is an interview with the Leiden Spinoza Prize winner Snellen’s raceswhich attempts to find out if extraterrestrial life exists on exoplanets.

They make five episodes in the first season. Two that will be online in the coming weeks: “Can bots take over for us?” and “What do birds teach us about language?”.

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