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Public health news that people can trust in the protection of corona virus vaccines is “very important”, the head of the body who approved Pfizer Jab said.

“There is no doubt that this is a very safe and highly effective vaccine,” said Dr. Jun Raine, chief executive of the Pharmaceutical and Health Products Regulatory Organization (MHRA) in the UK.

Asked the BBC Andrew Marr Show how important the public health message is to make sure people actually get vaccinated, he said: “This is very important. I would like to emphasize that the highest standards of inspection, safety and performance and quality meet international standards. ”

Raine said he was expecting The first person will be vaccinated within a few days.

“It will help us turn the corner,” he said. “None of us are really affected by this epidemic. Like the others, our organization is fully focused on doing our job to help defeat this terrible disease.”

Raine, 67, a 35 years of career in public health, Became CEO of the UK Medical Regulator last year. It is believed that the final decision on the approval of other vaccines will be brought into general use, which will relax the body.

Mar used his appearance in the project to emphasize the high safety standards used for the vaccine roll.

Last week, Dr. Anthony Fucci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the UK had rushed to approve the Pfizer vaccine and had not reviewed the data as carefully as US regulators. Then he Apologized And he said, “Coming out that way does not mean any recession.”

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Rain said Sunday that the practice of exploring the use of the vaccine in practice and monitoring safety will continue.

“It’s continuous, it’s real time, and we’ll share any new information that comes to light,” he said. “But my overall message is that the safety profile of the Govit-19 vaccine is not really different from any other vaccine – there may be a mild symptom that disappears in a day or two, and there is no seriousness, so you can be confident there. “

The UK regulator says no corners have been lowered in Pfizer vaccine approval – video

He added that anyone with the flu should do so before being vaccinated against the corona virus.

Raine told the Sunday newspapers that Queen Pfizer would take the vaccine in a matter of weeks and make it public after doing so. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the claims.

After mentioning the Mar reports, he said: “I think the message you have given us is humble and we have everything here to do at MHRA.

“We are a public health organization, I am a full partner in the public health family, and our goal is to protect every member of the population, of course His Majesty.”

Raine was also asked when the MHRA would approve the breakdown of vaccine packs for care homes into smaller batches.

He told Marry: “We have approved how to put the vaccine in small packages, but apparently what we are doing is giving advice and guidance on how well, carefully, it is being done.

“It’s a special vaccine, it has to be very cold, and then when the big packages are broken down into smaller ones and go to where they are delivered, it has to be done very carefully.”

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