The European Space Agency publishes an image of an irregular galaxy resembling a “snowball”. Sciences

The European Space Agency published an image of the so-called irregular galaxy on Wednesday. According to the European Space Agency, the star cluster resembles a snowball after it was shaken violently. “To celebrate the holidays” He says European Space Agency.

An irregular galaxy has no clear shape. Many galaxies have a spiral shape, such as our Milky Way. Others are ball- or lens-shaped and are called elliptical galaxies.

According to the European Space Agency, the galaxy UGC 8091 closely resembles the contents of a glass snow globe after it was shaken violently. It is located in the constellation Virgo, and is about 7 million light-years away from Earth. UGC is considered a dwarf galaxy because it is relatively small and has a relatively small mass.

It’s not really about the image. ESA created the image by superimposing twelve filters. As a result, stars can be seen in different colors. The images were taken by the Hubble Telescope.

According to the European Space Agency, the red light is caused by young stars containing “excited” hydrogen molecules. Other lights are from older stars and come in blue, orange and pink.

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