The ‘Grand Tour’ continues in a brand new location


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The ‘Grand Tour’ continues in a brand new location

Last December we got a new special – French – special from Grand Tour on Prime Video. At least: the series explored the world of French cars. But even though the three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond still enjoy the series greatly, the question is what the future will hold.

The trio had to stay in the UK for the previous two episodes due to the coronavirus. As a result, they had to explore new ideas and create new episode formats. And the series now has to take a whole new turn.

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James May said: “Ideally, we’ll go somewhere we haven’t been before. We have some ideas.”

“We’ve got some ideas partially formed, but they’re in the back because COVID eventually shut everything down.” In the end, no choice has yet been made about where you should go next: “I can’t tell you about new ideas because we haven’t made a decision yet.”

The first special show during COVID was filmed in Scotland (Lochdown) and the second special in Wales (The third massacre).

Most of all, James May wants to tell a good new story. “Personally, I prefer warm places. But the purpose of the grand tour is not for us to go on vacation: we have to explore the sights. So if that means going somewhere cold where we’re all miserable, I guess I want to go and see for yourself.”

Grand Tour See you on Prime Video.

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