The Jன்rgen Globe wants a massive Liverpool boost in the Champions League results

The final whistle sounded as the Jurgen Globe continued to attack again at Anfield.

In his current search for change, The Liverpool The manager stressed that Sky Sports and PD Sports should come to a compromise – they want to send ratings to the rising footballers this season.

GlobeIt calls for the amendment of five alternative rules and the planning of TV games Has become a major theme This season is like-nothing else, but his latest word on Sunday night is deeper than ever.

“When I talked about it it was never about us, it’s about all the players,” Globe said. Re-emphasized to Sky Sports Next 3-0 win over Leicester.

The Reds boss had seen his player lose another player in Nabi Keita, and was in the mood to celebrate the end of his injury crisis, which somehow got worse.

“If you haven’t started talking to PD [Sport] We’re all done.

“Sky and BT need to talk because we continue to play on Wednesdays and Saturdays [at] 12:30, I had no idea we would end the season with 11 players.

“I know [the broadcasters] Don’t worry, that’s the problem. We discussed it for a long time and nothing happened. “

In the interest of the player, Globe insists very honestly, his only thought for this well-defined perspective.

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It cannot be argued that this particular position is new or one that has been expelled from the frustration of losing star players.

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After all, this is a manager who once argued that “if we handle them like horses, we will get horses”, an injury to the unannounced Jordan Rochester.

Speaking in 2015, Globe said: “I don’t want to start my first week at Melwood with a complaint, but playing three matches in five days can’t be normal, even in England.

“What can I say? These young players are our future.”

So clearly, Klopp’s interest in the well-being of the players is not described as a neat one designed to smoke to gain an advantage in landmines.

No, when he says that Germany’s continuous protests are real: “I’m not talking about Liverpool, I’m talking about all the footballers out there.”

Globe, like his Manchester United opponent Ole Gunner Soulsjacker, has lamented the idea of ​​playing Wednesday night and Saturday morning in the same week.

However, he is likely to face off when he travels to Brighton for the 12.30pm kick-off after hosting Atlanta in the Champions League this week.

“This is a huge issue,” Klopp says. “Wednesday and Saturday 12:30 is a broadcast issue and nothing else.”

But perhaps planning and injury headaches later turned into single headaches Globe It could have been easier after Wednesday night’s game with the Italians at Anfield.

Three points against a team that was Was very firmly set aside in Pergamon It will take the Reds up to 12 points earlier this month D. in the Champions League team.

Two of the remaining nine games of 2020 will become essentially unnecessary for the Reds, allowing the Globe enough opportunity to rest and spin.

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With games coming up in the Premier League over the next few weeks against the likes of Wolves and Tottenham, the chance to breathe his big guns into the Champions League will be crucial.

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After Wednesday’s game, Liverpool Eight days later host Ajax on December 1 before the end of the group stages in Denmark against Midgeland.

If Ajax fail to bring down Danes in Amsterdam, it means Gian Piero will enter the Red Knockout stages for the fourth consecutive season if they want to win against Casparini’s men.

This could give some of the much-needed time off for Globe’s aching team, with 10 more games to play before the start of this year.

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