The people of the De Leilander butchery went through the most difficult period of their lives

Many stores were forced to close their doors during the lockdown. Bakeries and butchers, among others, have considered them lucky to be still able to serve their customers. Not for the managers Marnick and Martine from the butcher shop Leilander in Minin, who contracted the virus themselves.

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Menen’s Slagerij-Traiteur Leilander owners, Marnick Baute (54) and Martine Rousseau (56) all have a strong hold over the coronavirus: lots of coughing, fever and poor resistance. After testing, my wife and I tested positive on February 23. Marnick says our son Stijn, 28, has also contracted the virus. The ruling was difficult, because the entire butcher’s shop was forced to close immediately and the couple were given a mandatory quarantine of at least ten days. “It goes without saying that we had to throw away everything. Lots of meat, spaghetti, ready meals, you name it. We weren’t even allowed to give it to anyone for free, with the risk of contamination.” Marnick says: “A very big loss”, days later A few things went from bad to worse with Martin. ”At first I thought my husband was going to have a lot more difficulty, because he was coughing so hard. “But after a while, I took my breath away and less,” Martin says. “Once she was sitting on the sofa and I couldn’t regain my consciousness. I immediately called the emergency service.” The husband says, “If I had waited two more hours, my wife would have ended.” On February 27, Martin entered the emergency room and immediately fell into a coma. ”After nine Days, the doctors tried to get her out of the coma, but to no avail. ”After more than a month in the hospital, Martin was allowed to go home.” It was a terrible time. When I woke up I was totally flustered and terrified. I had absolutely no idea where I was or where my husband was. I was allowed to go home on April 1st, and fortunately this was not a joke, ”Martine smiles, at home there was a serious rehabilitation process ahead.“ I was still very weak and weak. I have a pharmacy full of pills on the counter that I have to take every day. Among other things, against the water in my body, muscle aches, vitamins,… “Plenty of support from customers Everyone who points to Leilander as their favorite butcher’s shop knows how the couple felt they had to abandon their customers.” “Support and Improvement” messages, which made us very happy. “The butcher’s shop will reopen on April 15th, but Marnick will be alone for a while.” So I will schedule an additional closing day. “It’s going to be difficult for Martin:” I used to roll up my arm and now. I’ll have to wait for the doctor to give me the green light. On that day, I will definitely go back as before to spoil our customers as we used to, “Martin concludes (Nevada)

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