The PlayStation Summary shows you the PS4 and PS5 stats for 2020

PlayStation summary stats for 2020 are available so check out how many hours you’ve spent hard on your console.

PlayStation fans are wondering how far behind they are in 2020 Control unit The closing can be checked again. Annually Sony provides a small summary of your virtual presence. This way you can check what your stats are for 2020.

PlayStation 2020 summary

at Blog post Sony announces its recurring summary. PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 owners can check out our 2020 roundup. All they have to do is you Register here And you’ll see your stats right away. Users also receive an email from Sony with relevant statistics.

However, it would be more interesting if you have an older PS4, because the PlayStation 5 Statistics are somewhat limited. With the latter, you can check how many hours you have spent on the game in general and on your favorite game. Also gives Sony You have a virtual trophy locker, where you can see how many prizes for PS5 you have unlocked in 2020.

Some additional stats are available for PlayStation 4 users. Keep in mind the single-player to multiplayer ratio. You can also check the average number of times you play each day of the week.

Moreover, everyone can see some cool group stats. For example, the PlayStation Summary 2020 shows how many enemies in Ghost Tsushima have collapsed out of fear. You can also check out how many hours played the second part of The Last of Us around the world and how many home runs were recorded on MLB: The Show 20.

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In principle, everyone is eligible for the 2020 PlayStation Summary, provided you have permitted Sony to collect additional data. You can check this in the settings under Device Data / Health and Safety. Oh, and the noobs aren’t getting any stats, because you should have played at least 10 hours by 2020!

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