The production team and actors bid farewell to Batgirl during this week’s secret ‘funeral shows’

The director duo were told earlier this month that their movie is a superhero bat girl It will no longer appear in theaters or on streaming services. It seemed like a “strategic choice”. However, the decision means that no one, not even the production team or the cast, will see the movie.

For example, the film’s makers told Instagram on Wednesday night how they were banned from the film’s material immediately after the decision was made. Falah recalls in the Instagram video how, after a phone call from Al-Arabi, he hurried to pick up the material on his smartphone: “I immediately went to the server, but everything was already blocked.” An emotional reaction, because hacking is clearly bad, appears in the video. “But it was hard to see the film disappearing and we couldn’t see the footage ourselves,” Elaraby said. Falah agrees: “Painful, emotional, shocking.”

In the meantime, it looks like a select group of people, including the production team and the cast, will be watching the movie anyway. Based on “various sources” reports The Hollywood Reporter There are many specials for this week bat girl organisation. According to the American media, it is about “funeral performances”, so that the team behind the film still gets a chance to “farewell” the film before it finally disappears under lock and key. The message has not yet been confirmed by Warner Bros. Adil & Billal has yet to respond.

There is also silent hope among fans bat girlSuch as Justice League Zack Snyder, He will be released after some time. Vain hope, say experts at The Hollywood Reporter. The movie studio got a tax break to cancel the movie, so there is no legal way to show the movie to the general public again.

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“In any case, the film cannot be shown in its current state,” Elaraby said earlier. “There are no effects on the computer and there are still missing scenes. So if they want us one day bat girlmovie, they have to give us the tools to do that. To finish it well, in our opinion.”