The special forces of the Federal Police accidentally raided a retired couple: “Are these guys blind?” (Hoboken)


“Looks like I’m a big criminal. My door is full in the fruit And we were left with misery.” Jules and his wife still do not understand what happened in their Hoboken apartment on Thursday. After walking, the seventy suddenly encountered nine heavily armed policemen from special units. The Federal Police is bored with the incident.

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Jules, 71, didn’t really feel like walking in the park on Thursday, but he and his wife closed the door to their Hoboken apartment behind them around 3 p.m. “But because I forgot something, I came back half an hour later,” Jules says. Several women were sunbathing in the grassy yard in front of his apartment. “They signaled me to be quiet because the police stormed the building. I didn’t think much about it, until suddenly I saw an armed and masked policeman standing on my balcony.”

The seventy hurried upstairs, but the damage had already been done. The couple’s heavy fire-resistant door was smashed and nine POSA units, the special units of the Federal Police, were in the apartment.

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Continuously advanced search

At the express request of the Federal Police, who are very bored with the case, we do not write exactly where the facts took place in Hoboken. The search, which was carried out by the General Security Agency, by order of the investigative judge, on Thursday afternoon, is part of an ongoing investigation. “This is why we have not been able to provide details of this investigation,” said FBI spokesman Ann Berger.

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“Obviously I’m a big criminal and they should have hired me. My door is full in the fruitAnd why? Jules wonders. “They weren’t supposed to be with me at all, but with my neighbors below. My family name is on the doorbell in the entrance and at the front door. Are these guys possibly blind? “

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long term business

The Public Security Agency (POSA) already carried out a second inspection of the building on Thursday, but the Federal Police did not report an error. “We have specific information that the wanted suspect was hiding in the apartment in question,” Berger said. “This information turned out to be incorrect. This is very disturbing to the residents and we can fully understand their frustration.”

According to Jules, the police have apologized several times. “They said ‘sorry’ five times, but we don’t buy anything with that. Our only concern now is to fix this door as quickly as possible. I already understood that this would be a long-term task,” he sighs. The Federal Police assures that the damage incurred will in no way be covered by legal costs and advises the spouses to contact them as soon as possible.

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