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The Dutch animated film Knor will soon be shown in Chinese cinemas. The film was purchased by distributors in China, Australia and the United Kingdom. A cinematic release is guaranteed in all three regions.

No specific release date has been announced for all three countries. The animated film Knor is a success in Dutch cinemas and has already won several awards. Knor won three golden calves at the Netherlands Film Festival, including Best Picture, and was submitted for the Academy Awards. Earlier this week, Knor also received three awards at the Dutch Directors’ Awards.

The movie is about the girl Babs who receives the pig Knorr from her grandfather from America on her ninth birthday. Her parents are not happy about this, but Babs can keep the animal on the condition that Knor follows a puppy track. But then it is revealed that Grandpa secretly has other plans with Knorr. Principal voices were provided by Jelka van Houten, Kees Prins, Henry van Loon and Hiba Ghafri.

Knor is what stop motion animation is called. This means that the director gets his shots by having the clay or plastic puppets shot, while the puppet has a slightly different pose on each shot. By playing these pictures one by one, the puppets seem to move. This technique is used, for example, in the British TV series Wallace & Gromit.

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