The UK and Ireland would rather organize the 2028 European Championship than the 2030 World Cup | world Cup

A year ago, the United Kingdom and Ireland announced plans to host the 2030 World Cup. The results of the feasibility study made them change their minds.

“Finally, the five associations have decided to focus on Euro 2028, the third largest sporting event in the world,” the associations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland said in a statement.

British politicians announced in early January that they were not excited to see the World Cup in their country in 2030. “Everyone knows the World Cup is a very expensive event,” Julian Knight, head of Britain’s Parliamentary Sports Committee, told Britain’s BAA at the time.

The UK and Ireland now want to apply to host the European Championship in 2028. Applications must be submitted before March 23. In September 2023, the venue for the European Championship will be decided.

Germany is the host country of the European Championship in 2024. The second World Cup will be held in Qatar (2022), the United States, Canada and Mexico (2026).

For the 2030 World Cup, FIFA wants to organize the biggest football event in the world in Israel or the Gulf states.

Other countries are already considering the possibility of running. South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are considering a joint bid just as Portugal and Spain want to submit a joint nomination. China may also be a coastal snapper for the 2030 World Cup. This privatization will happen in 2024.

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