These young people are still celebrating King’s Day: ‘My mental health is important too’

Tonight is King’s Night and although it isn’t allowed, a lot of people are still looking forward to the old-fashioned orange party. Because despite the fact that the hospitals are full and the authorities are firmly demanding your own responsibility not to celebrate this year as well, people decide to extend the procedures a little and make it a festive day.

Lake tells us, 26 years old News & Associates It is fully preparing for King’s Day. Tomorrow she goes to town with friends and expects to end up at a house party with about twenty men in the evening. And that while the police, mayors and doctors are concerned about these parties. So why is she going to party? “I’m actually looking forward to it, even though it might not be appropriate. But it’s a beautiful day to do something, and it has something emotional and feels like it. Now it seems like I’m a huge party animal, but socializing is such an important part of my life. My friends are really important.” “

Little opposition

Internal medicine doctor Mark Kramer of UMC Hospital in Amsterdam pleaded with Leakey and other young people: “Keep working, it is unwise to organize an illegal party at the moment.”

This sound is very recognizable to Lyke:It sounds a lot like my dad, “Do this, do it.” This is a very specific perspective from a particular group. This is great, but there is little opposition. There is a little story for other people. Rules have been established for an abstract society in which everyone is the same, but not everyone is the same and not everyone can follow the same rules. My mental health is very important to me and I am convinced that I do not infect others. I have friends who are fully responsible and we leave ourselves to the test in case there are complaints. “

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Own responsibility

The 31-year-old Sarr from Amsterdam felt the need to throw a New Year’s Eve party. At first they planned to meet in a group of ten to twenty people, but this was not good. They finally decided to celebrate with five people. “We were able to enjoy it at the time and we didn’t keep a distance. Now I notice with more people around me that it has become difficult to keep taking the virus into account. Since a year ago we never touched, let alone hugged each other.”We’ll do it again. Everyone has their own responsibility. With complaints allowing yourself to test and when we get together, we assume no one has any complaints so we make it old-fashioned fun. Not with 100 people, but simply with small groups of between five and fifteen. “

Saar understands that people say this is a dagger in the back of the care workers, but according to her, it should be possible if everyone is acting wisely. Sar will also celebrate King’s Day this year. She organizes a barbecue with dozens of friends. According to her, it will be a fun old-style party. Without space.

Chilling in the garden

Sam, 26, also noted that the rules were not well observed: “I observe in my environment that the longer the lockdown continues, the greater the need for social contact. The less rules are followed.”

During the first lockdown, Sam lived with his parents in the south of the country for a while. There the rules were strictly observed and hardly any friends were seen. He has now been living in Utrecht for a while and has a lot more freedom: “We really do our best to stick to the desired rules as much as possible, but when you are in middle age, it is really impossible to keep them after you.” When the weather is nice they often spend their time in the park with a few friends and since the curfew they sometimes spend the night. They do not keep a distance and on some evenings this small group gets expanded sometimes. Sam and his friends can also be found in the park on King’s Day.

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De nAmen Van Lake, Sam and Sarr was modified because the speakers wanted to remain anonymous. The real names are known to NOS.

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