Another suspect for kidnapping Mia (8) was arrested in France | abroad

Another suspect was arrested on Saturday in the context of the kidnapping of eight-year-old Mia, in France. The man, nicknamed “Basile”, was charged, among other things, with “kidnapping a minor under the age of 15 with an organized gang” while in police custody. This is what Nancy’s lawyer said today.

The girl was found intact on April 18, five days after her abduction. She was found with her mother in a squatting in the Swiss canton of Vaud. Lola Montemagie, who lost custody of her daughter, was ordered to kidnap her.

Basile, born in 1977, admitted to his “active” participation in the kidnapping of the girl. He participated in the preparations and was one of the two hijackers who introduced themselves to the house of Mia’s grandmother who has temporary custody. Basile also crossed the Swiss border on foot with the girl and her mother.

The mother was extradited from Switzerland on Friday. In the context of the kidnapping, which was carried out as a real military operation, in addition to “Basile”, charges were actually brought against six men and a woman. They lean towards conspiracy and anti-regime movement.

An international arrest warrant has been issued for Remy Daylett, leader of the conspiracy movement based in Malaysia. It is suspected that he helped organize the kidnapping.

The mother of the kidnapped Mia (8 years old), was extradited from Switzerland and accused in France

France Under the Impact of Kidnapping Mia (8): “A notorious conspiracy guide paid 3,000 euros to ensure that the whole process went smoothly”

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