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cookedWe all want to eat healthier more often. It is good for your body, it provides energy which in turn makes you feel better about yourself. However, putting a healthy meal on the table every day during a busy week can be quite a challenge.

Also, do you know what to look for if you want a truly responsible dish on your plate? Laura Koster, RD and Uitkookt nutrition expert explains.

The science behind a healthy meal

You probably know that it’s not a good idea to put french fries and pizza on the menu every day. But what is the science behind a healthy meal? Laura: “It stands or falls with the composition of the court. You have to pay attention to a number of points: enough unsaturated fats, proteins and fresh vegetables, and as little saturated fat, salt and sugar as possible.”

No added flavours, colours, or flavors

Laura along with the head chef prepares a varied menu of 24 dishes each week for Uitkookt. “Everyone should always be able to eat healthy food,” she says. “This is why we do our best to provide fresh meals every week that go well with a healthy and varied diet.”

Laura dares to say that the average Dutchman would improve a lot in terms of health and variety with this meal service. “I think we pay more attention to all the nutrients and values ​​than you do yourself. At home, you choose comfort faster and with us everything is weighed in responsible quantities. When you often go for a number of fixed recipes yourself, we offer a variety of the dishes and we do not use flavors, colors or flavors added in any meal.”

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No preservatives are used. Curious how meals stay fresh? You can read it in this ad article.

Both authentic and mundane dishes

What do you expect on the menu? Laura explains: “With us, you’ll find a wide range of meals tailored for the season. For example, one of our latest meals is Summer Guido. The satay sauce is made by ourselves and contains less salt, but tastes more filling. It is a colorful meal that contains Different vegetables each contain their own vitamins and minerals. This difference in vegetables is very healthy.”

The customer decides

But now you naturally wonder: Do these healthy choices affect taste? Will you still be nice? Laura: “Customers have a very important voice with us: their rating and feedback are crucial and we will immediately start working on it. For example, Uitkookt consciously chose to reduce the range and develop fewer different servings. This way we can take flavors to a higher level and there is room to put the top lids in Menu often. Out of the five stars that our customers can give, we make sure that almost all of our dishes have a 4 star rating.”

self evaluation?

Do you want to experience how easy it is to eat healthy food without having to shop and cook? Then get to know and take advantage of the free 3 + 1 introductory offer. See the varied menu here and take advantage of the offer.

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