Sportpark parking fee paid soon: but council members demand free parking for athletes (Sint-Truiden)

You can simply drive in and out of the new car park. There are no barriers and no information board, which gives the impression that parking is free. © Roddick

St. Troyden

In recent days, parks have received a letter from Sportpark Haspengouw warning against charging for parking. The city of Saint-Troyd wants to educate people, but some councilors are requesting that parking for athletes and swimmers remain free.

In a few weeks, paid parking will begin at Sportpark. With ANPR cameras that recognize license plates, scanning will be done and payment must be made. Prices range from free parking from the first hour to €1 for each additional hour and €20 for the whole day.

Counsellor Carl Nijssens (CD&V) co-initiated the dossier in the former legislature as an Alderman for Sports. Nijssens explains: “At the time, the intention was for Lago to run the parking itself with free parking for athletes. The new coalition with N-VA also opted to charge parking fees. As a result, if your athlete can park for free at all the clubs in Our city, unless your club is in Lago. How crazy is that?”


Nijssens says many people wonder how you can exercise or swim in an hour. Nijssens: “A few months ago, I actually suggested that athletes park their cars for at least two hours for free. And what do you do with the many volunteers, coaches and top athletes who are there several hours a day?” Former sports councilmen insist on offering a subscription formula with a correction.

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The chancellor, Marilyn Theis (Forwet), is also furious: “The pool car park in St. Peter’s has always been a free car park,” Thijs says. The Vooruit Group hopes the city will reconsider the issue.We sent the comments to Sport Aldermen Stijn Vanoibeek (CD&V), but he did not want to respond.

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