This is the first photo taken with the Google Pixel 5a.

After the search giant recently confirmed the existence of the Google Pixel 5a, this time the first photo taken with the Pixel 5a phone was leaked via Google’s AI blog. In the letter, the company explained how HDR + “correction” works based on image samples. Google has since removed the image from the Pixel 5a.

Google Pixel 5a

Via A blog post from Google’s AI department Linked to Folder with pictures Made with Pixel phones. This may specifically relate to Google Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5. However, it appears that there is one. ErrorXDA Developers Reports. One of the photos previously found in the gallery is carried in EXIF ​​data – this data indicates which phone the pictures were taken with and which lens was used – Google Pixel 5a-Noun.

Remarkably, the leaked photo was taken long ago. The EXIF ​​data of the image, which has since been removed from Google Photos, indicates that the image was captured on October 1, 2020. It can also be generated based on the data with which the image was widely captured – the angle lens, which is located on the 5a , At f / 2.2 aperture. It is also known that the leaked image was taken in Taiwan, where Google developed the Pixel phones. It is not known if it was a test device, or whether final versions of the Pixel 5a were actually in circulation at the time.

A second 5a pixel image

After removing the first image, Google owns one Leave the second photo Made possible with the Pixel 5a. The EXIF ​​data from that image has been largely deleted, which makes it unknown if it was actually related to the Pixel 5a. Remarkably, the image is 9.1 megapixels; Previously, Pixel phones only got 12.2MP and 16MP camera sensors. Of course, it is possible for the photographer to choose a lower resolution when taking this photo.

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Leaked image captured by Google Pixel 5A, Google Image

In terms of camera functionality, the Pixel 5a is expected to be on par with the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5. An early leak Makes Show a camera setup with two sensors: This is assumed to be the main camera, supported by a wide-angle camera. Regarding the software, the Pixel 5a should support Night Sight and Portrait Mode features. Or the different focus modes for Pixel 5 Ported to Pixel 5a, not yet known.

Pixel 5a phone specifications

Google is expected to release the Pixel 5a in August, coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 4a in 2020. The leaked details so far indicate that the phone will be very similar to the Pixel 4a 5G phone – including using the same Snapdragon 765G chipset and an OLED screen. 6.2 inches and the same hole. However, the Google Pixel 5a is taller and thicker than its predecessor.

In Europe, we will likely do it Can’t enjoy From the device. Google has indicated that it will only release the Pixel 5a in Japan and the US to begin with. Whether Google will later release the Pixel 5a in Europe may depend on the availability of sufficient chips. If you are currently looking for a Pixel phone with 5G for less than 500 euros, then the Pixel 4a 5G might be the best (and currently the only) option.

Google Pixel 5a

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